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The 231 Business Network Group

"More Business for Your Business"

The Membership Committee will review and select members in all classifications based on qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age or handicap. Only one person from one field is permitted to join our networking group. Visitors may visit the 231 Business Networking Group meeting two times before filling out a group membership application. The applicant understands the application will be reviewed by the group members at the third meeting. The applicant will be contacted before the next scheduled meeting on acceptance or non-acceptance into the group. Upon acceptance, a membership fee of $120 is due for the first 3 months of membership and is nonrefundable. You may pay the membership fee by cash or check payable to 231 BN GROUP. The weekly breakfast fee is $10.00 and includes drinks, tax, and tip.


Applicant agrees to attend the entire weekly business meeting. No meetings on major holidays or during the last two weeks of the calendar year. Attendance and participation are required to be a member in good standing. Upon the 3rd unexcused missed meeting without a substitute during the months of January- March / April- June / July- September / October- December membership may be cancelled, fees paid forfeited and category opened. Arriving late and leaving early is discouraged. Members must meet minimum networking standards to remain a member in good standings. One month of membership fees will be awarded to a member when a visitor who they brought joins the 231 BN. Membership is only granted after application is reviewed. Applicant must represent his or her primary occupation in the chapter and be licensed to do so where required by the state of New York. MLM Sales people may join and only promote their products in the meetings and must not sell the opportunity to the members and their referrals. Violating this rule will result in membership being reviewed and possibly cancelled, fees paid forfeited, and category opened.


Members are given, in turn, a one-minute sales message each week. Sales pitches made during any other time of the meeting will be stopped and the member will be warned. Upon second warning membership may be reviewed and possibly cancelled with fees paid forfeited and category opened. The 231 BN Group is designed to be used by business professionals to market their business products and services to other members, visitors and their referrals. Complaints about members by other members will first be directed to the group’s membership committee. If recommended by the group’s membership committee, a membership may be cancelled, fees paid will be forfeited and category opened. The 231 BN Group does not want to kick anyone out, but we will to keep the group healthy and positive.


The applicant agrees to hold harmless all members/officers of 231 BN Group for any and all liabilities from the applicant’s involvement, attendance, and all interactions with leads, referrals, and other members of 231 BN Group.